Reflections on Converging Islands, 2012

Reflections on Converging Islands
oil on canvas
12" x 12"

This painting is about a bunch of things for me. I love the way we see three different versions of this woman as she suns herself. She's almost in a meditation about improving her self image while simultaneous sweating and wrinkling her face. The sun hits her face and against the shield and back again, creating replicas which are increasingly distorted. i think of the battles we have with ourselves and feeling strangely close to various conflicting emotions. Another level of this painting relates to my obsession with water. I wanted to bring the water into the piece and decided that I'd use a "Diego on My Mind," angle but with a blue pool in the middle of her face. Then the title of this piece relates to an injury that I sustained over the summer when I tried to light eight sparklers at once and created an explosive in my hand.  Midway through the healing process, the raw flesh developed pink dots which turned out to be "skin islands" that would eventually converge to make a new layer of epidermis. So these pools were also like the skin islands that popped up and became a sign that good things were to come.