Artist Statement

We are shaped and mutated by our physical environment from microbes to ozone.  Families provide not only the genetic code but also patterns and mantras that are the foundation of our daily decisions and emotional roots. As Americans, we see hundreds of marketing messages per day that inform what we view as normal. Today's technology allows us to be in one place mentally, while physically in another. We are constantly manipulated and transformed. I am interested in this constant state of flux and the effort by which we try to control our individual and social realities.

Water is a lens to see another perspective and is the tool for my latest work.  My state of awareness is no more factual than the one distorted by water and processed by the digital camera. The experience of gathering the resource images is about juggling control and abandon, playing with light and buoyancy, training breath and allowing the eye to see, against what the mind believes.

My most recent show was called Revelations in the Dark.  This body of work embraces contrast. They began as photographs on a night swim in the desert, capturing white flesh suspended in still darkness.  At their essence, these pieces are quiet meditations on universal questions of the unknown and personal truth.  Like an astronaut floating between celestial bodies or a diver going into blue depths there is an experiential shift that allows us to feel irrelevant and important at once.